A main focus of the foundation is to provide memory making opportunities

for parents during the end of life moments with their baby or child.   

It's the heart of the foundation that parents be afforded every opportunity to preserve vital and precious memories. 

Parents can never be prepared to lose their child.  It's not the natural order of the things.  Everly's Angels wants to help think for a newly bereaved parent when the grief grabs hold.  At this crucial time, we want these broken parents to have the resources they need to create lasting memories.  One way we do this is through our "Everly After" Box Program.

The"Everly After" Box   


The "Everly After" Box parents are offered includes: 



  • a natural hand-crafted memory box that opens to reveal two panels for baby’s prints and baby data.  A special place to hold baby's precious keepsakes, like hospital bracelet or wisp of hair.


everlys angels bereavement box
  • keepsake impressions kit for hand or foot mold.  To create a lasting impression of their beautiful body.  They did exist.


everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • a keepsake hand/footprint wall hanging kit.  To make unforgettable memories with your baby to display or hold dear. 


everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • embossed condolence card

  • baby’s prints card

  • baby data card

  • wisp of hair card

  • grief resource card, mail preference card (to remove mother’s name from mailing lists)              


everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • beautiful cloth handkerchief emblazoned with a lace butterfly.  To wipe your tears of sorrow, heartache and palpable anguish.   


Everlys Angels bereavement box
  • a silicone remembrance bracelet and infant loss lapel pin.  A means of sharing your loss and grief with others, an outward symbol that can be used to tell someone of your beloved little one. 


everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • Forget-Me-Not seeds.  To plant in remembrance of your precious little one. 


Everlys Angels Bereavement Box
  • perfectly sized, custom bracelet & headband for girls.  Every little girl is a princess and deserves to look like one, too.
  • a perfectly sized teddy bear for boys.  For your little boy to snuggle and hold near.


everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • hand picked journal.  A safe place to keep your thoughts and feelings as you navigate the road ahead.


everlys angels bereavement boxes
everlys angels bereavement boxes
  • A certificate for parents to receive a beautiful custom designed remembrance art from the foundation


Everlys Angels Bereavement Box
Everlys Angels Bereavement Box
  • In addition, Everly's Angels has also provided kits to create actual 3D casts of hands and feet.  These kits have been provided to the nursing staff/social worker in the hospitals.  Words don't do justice to the power of having foot and hand molds when you no longer have your baby.  A truly priceless gift. 

We are also providing a copy of Sherokee Ilse's book Empty Arms published by Wintergreen Press.  A wonderful resource that offers help, guidance and encouragement from the very beginning.  A copy of your own can be purchased at


So blessed and thrilled to deliver our first set of "Everly After" Boxes to St. Joseph's NICU.  While we are sad that there is a need, we are overwhelmed to know the families experiencing loss will be provided priceless memory making opportunities. 

*Full circle moment for me to share in this moment with Felice, on the far right, who met with us in the final months of the pregnancy with Everly.  She guided us through so much before the birth, was actually present for the birth and was with us when we found out the Trisomy 18 diagnosis 5 days later.  Glad God placed her in our path on this journey.